5 Jagannath Puri Temple Facts | History & Corruption In Jagannath Puri Mandir |

(0:01) – A Briton and a Dalit walk into the Jagannath Puri temple. Guess what happens then?
(00:41) – The Jagannath Puri mandir has a confusing history. Are they a Hindu temple, a Buddhist temple, or something else altogether?
(01:10) – One part of the Jagannath Puri temple history is very clear though. The British were a part of this temple’s history, and that too with the full co-operation of the mandir priests. Why, and what did they do?
(02:06) – For a Hindu temple, the Jagannath Puri dham has kept a number of accomplished Indians & Hindus out of the temple. What is the history behind this, and why were they kept out?
(03:10) – The Jagannath temple sevayats or priests have been often accused of spoling the experience of the devotees. Are they appointed based on their knowledge, or is there another system responsible?
(03:45) – Where there is money, there even the gods are not spared. Murder, corruption, fistfights..all has been done by some of those people who claim to worship the Jagannath Puri mandir. What is this corruption, and what are the facts relating it with the Jagannath temple? Find out!


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