5 Facts On Tirupati Temple You Will Be Shocked With | Corruption And Wealth In Tirupati |

Known as Tirupati temple, Tirupati Balaji ka mandir, Tirupati devasthanam, and by many other names, this Indian temple of Andhra is a famous one. But there are so many facts that people do not know about this famous temple of India. Find out 5 shocking facts about this temple of India!
(00:16) – The British East India Company is a part of the history of the Tirupati Balaji temple. How, and what did they do to one of the famous temple of India?
(00:43) – What did the High Court of Andhra Pradesh order regarding the Tirupati mandir? And why was a Congress politician involved in it?
(01:06) – People do not look for hotels in Tirupati city, and instead go for the guesthouses near the temple. But has the temple administration been trying to escape taxes? Have some of the Tirupati Balaji mandir’s priests and pandits have also gone corrupt? Are the South Indian temple’s people favoring VIPs?
(01:56) – There is a reason why Tirupati temple is one of the famous temples of India, and also one of the richest. It not only gets donations of money and gold, but the mandir also gets money from laddos, hair, interest and….real estate?
(03:06) – This famous Indian temple has been trying to get more and more devotees to visit the temple. So, why is it so nervous about paying taxes? And why do normal devotees have to pay for the temple and its tax payment?


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