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This time, we talk about some of India’s best in the world of spy agents. All our spy indian movies and spy indian films are nothing compared to their stories, or in some cases, have had to copy these stories! So, why should you not know these brave Indian men & women?
() – Ravinder Kaushik is the real tiger, the man who went to Pakistan as an undercover RAW agent. What this young Indian spy did next will surprise you..
() – Nehchal Sandhu may not be very familiar to you, but his name is worth knowing for Lashkar-e-Toiba terrorists and for Sikh separatists. Who is this man, and what are his achievements?
() – Syed asif Ibrahim was the first Muslim RAW chief. This indian spy however, uses guns as well as words. How? Listen to this indian spy story to find out!
() – AK Verma was the man who helped India & China shake hands. He was also, and probably still is, the first Indian RAW chief to sit down with an active ISI chief? One of the best Indian spies? Of course his name is on the list.
() – THE INDIAN SPY. No matter who becomes the next Indian spy chief, none of them can match the abilities of the first Indian spy. RN Kao made India’s spy agency one of the best in the world, while starting operations that made history. Know more about him!


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